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Frequently Asked Questions

Any of these life changing events can create unclaimed funds.

What creates Unclaimed Assets?

Probate Judgements
Stock certififcates
Stock dividends
Heirs, etc.

State governments
Pensions plans
IRS refunds
HUD accounts

Federal government

Bank accounts

Local governments

Judgement Debitors

​​Many prospective clients have questions about our service, the claiming process, the financial and personal risk and of course their personal gain. To help answer the most commonly asked questions, Linked Asset Recovery Service has compiled and answered them below. We hope this will assist you in understanding the services that we are able to provide you.

Q: Who is Linked Asset Recovery Service?

A: We consider ourselves as the Good News People! We locate unclaimed assets by auditing public records and government agencies, searching for outstanding funds due to citizens like you. If you have received a letter from us, then most likely you have outstanding funds that require you to come forward and claim them.

Q: What is the source of this money?

A: Any of the following sources listed below may have unclaimed funds for individuals or businesses that could not be located according to their last known address of record.   In their current state, many of these funds will never be claimed by their rightful owner and will be escheated to the state or holder. The list below is not complete and our service is not limited to them.

Abandon or forgotten bank accounts of various types 
Stock and trust distributions
Tax return checks
Federal, state and local government agency payments or disbursements
Life insurance policies and annuities
Claims of bankruptcies
Certificates of deposits
Mineral royalty payments
Forgotten pensions and retirement accounts

The source of your funds is fully disclosed after the proper documents are signed. Please understand Linked Asset Recovery Service is a professional business that has invested valuable time and energy in locating and auditing records that may or may not yield rewarding results. Therefore, our recovery specialists are allowed to disclose only limited information until the required documents are signed and delivered to our office. If you have received a letter from Linked Asset Recovery Service it generally means it is a sure bet that we have located some unclaimed funds in your name and we need to investigate your claim further.

Q: Is Linked Asset Recovery Service a collection agency, a repossession or private investigator company?

A: No, we are not a collection agency, a repossession or private investigator company. Linked Asset Recovery specializes in locating and assisting individuals in receiving funds that are rightfully theirs.

Q: What is meant by encumbered funds?

A: Encumbered means, ‘in the way or in front of’. Often you are due settlement funds but are unable to claim them because a judgment or another claimant is in front of you and that must be settled or cleared up prior to you claiming the outstanding funds. Linked Asset Recovery actively specializes in the area of clearing encumbered funds, allowing you access to those unclaimed funds.

Q: How do I know this isn't a scam?

A: Scammers usually ask for identifying personal and financial information, along with payment prior to providing a service. Linked Asset Recovery Service never asks for such information for internal use, we have no need for it. However, if a governmental entity holding the unclaimed funds require identification, then instructions on how to strike information on your ID will be sent to you for altering a photo copy.   

Furthermore, Linked Asset Recovery Service is responsible for all expenses required to recover the claim, including the attorney expense, if needed. We will put that in writing. There is never a risk of losing anything by our clients, not even your identity.

Q. What paperwork is required to get the process started?

A: Each government agency or business entity has their own specific paperwork requirement that must be completed prior to making a claim. An Agreement is signed by you and Linked Asset Recovery Service that is written in easy to understand English that authorizes us to begin the recovery process. After the Agreement is signed, there are a few extra papers needed to continue and finish the process. Occasionally, the entity holding your funds may require additional documentation.

All of the entities currently holding your funds will require a copy of government-issued identification such as a driver's license, passport, state identification card, or a social security card. If you have changed your name or address, a verification of this change will also be required. This information is used to verify that you are the correct legal beneficiary of your funds as opposed to someone using your identity to fraudulently gain access to your funds.

Q: Will documents require notarization?

A: Some documents will need to be notarized and when you are ready to proceed, Linked Asset Recovery will either instruct you to go to your local bank to have certain documents notarized or have a mobile notary who is located and licensed in your city and state come to you at our expense.

Q: How did you locate me?

A: Our research professionals make use of numerous public records. These records include, but are not limited to: change of address filings, voter registrations, telephone directories, city and town indexes, drivers' records, military registers, marriage and divorce filings, birth and death certificates, property ownership documents, and court records.

Q: Is there a recovery fee?

A: Linked Asset Recovery Service never charges an upfront or out-of-pocket fee. All fees are retained by Linked Asset Recovery Service and are recovered under the Client Agreement. If we are unable to recover the unclaimed funds, you are not liable for any expense. You are never at risk of losing a dime of your own money.

Q: Is an attorney required?

A: In some jurisdictions, attorneys are used almost exclusively because a formal motion to the district court is required to pursue the claim. The attorney can also request a Judge's order to release the money. In other areas, the format and requirements to file a claim are easier and an attorney is not needed. The complexity of the claim could also dictate the need for an attorney. In the event that an attorney is retained, Linked Asset Recovery will pay in advance all the expenses and it will not be taken out of your percentage of the claim.

Q: Will I need to go to court?

A: No. Linked Asset Recovery will have an attorney handle this process and we will pay for all the costs up-front.

All minor transactions are done through our office as dictated or allowed by the entity holding the funds. Minor transactions may be defined as anything less than $5,000.

Q: Am I required to use Linked Asset Recovery to recover my unclaimed funds?

A: No, you do not have to use Linked Asset Recovery Service to recover your funds, but it is highly unlikely that you will be able to locate and recover these funds without the assistance of a recovery specialist.

Q: I am not the person you are looking for, but I think I know how to get in touch with this person or his/her next of kin. What should I do?

A: If you receive a letter or phone call, but are not the rightful owner of the unclaimed asset, please let us know. We will update our records to ensure that no further correspondence is directed to you. If you know how to contact the rightful owner (or the next of kin), please advise us so that we can correspond with him or her, or if preferred, forward our letter to the owner directly. We offer a finder’s fee for your assistance in locating the rightful owner.

Q: Do I have to pay taxes on the money that I receive?

A: We are not tax advisors. Therefore, it is recommended that you consult a tax professional to determine if there will be any tax liability.

Q: How long will it take to receive my lump sum payment?

A: The processing time is dependent upon the complexity of the claim, the laws governing when the money can be released, and how long the claim has been outstanding. It can be as short as a few weeks or as long as one year. Your recovery specialist will continually update you with the status of your claim as information becomes available. Linked Asset Recovery is committed to expediting your claim as soon as administratively possible. 

Q: Why don't I get the claim myself?

A: Before you can start to claim your missing funds, you must first know where the money is being held. Not all claims are easy to find. Locating hard to find unclaimed funds is Linked Asset's specialty. Even if you were able to locate the funds, there are still good reasons for having an experienced third party pursue the claim for you. The agencies holding the assets often times have many requirements that must be followed for you to prove that you are entitled to the claim. After all, they stand to keep the money if you do not follow their rules and meet their deadlines. For this reason, having an experienced recovery specialist help you navigate the legal labyrinth of requirements may be a wise decision. Linked Asset Recovery Service also reserves the right to retain an attorney to successfully pursue your claim at no cost to you.

Q: What is the Privacy Policy at Linked Asset Recovery Service?

A: Claimant/client personal identifying information must be redacted before it is sent  to our asset recovery agents. Linked Asset Recovery will collect only the required information the entity or agency is requesting.  Our Privacy Policy is attached for your review.

Q: What's next?

A: If you have received a letter or an initial call please Contact Us ASAP. If you are awaiting paperwork, use the time to study our website or contact your recovery specialist with any questions. Upon receiving the initial paperwork, review it and if you are ready to move forward with your claim, complete and send it back promptly.

Below is a limited  list of sources that hold Unclaimed Finds: