Linked Asset Recovery Service

Linked Asset Recovery Service

Linked Asset Recovery Service is an asset recovery agency in the business of researching and auditing government and corporate files with the intention of locating unclaimed funds that are owed to private citizens or companies.  Great News! Today is probably your lucky day!

Billions of dollars in property and assets remain unclaimed each year because claimants are unaware the funds are available to be claimed.

Linked Asset Recovery Service was created to meet the very important need in this industry to help assist individuals with the recovery of their missing assets. With the business world changing constantly and employees being left behind it's almost impossible to link a claimant up with his/her assets without the assistance of a skilled team of researchers. That's where our team of research experts comes in.

Our philosophy
Our primary goal is to be the Good News People!  So each client is unique. The one-size-fits-all approach is never used to link our clients up with the entity that owes them the unclaimed funds.

Our commitment to results
Our success is measured by the amount of funds we recover on your behalf. That's why we invest whatever resources are needed to get the job done.  As a client you are NEVER asked to pay anything upfront; you are NOT asked for personal identifying information; you are NOT required to do any work on your part.

If you have received a letter from Linked Asset Recovery Service, please contact us immediately.  A research recovery agent is trying to contact you to discuss a potential claim. 

Please call us at (940) 497-0829 or email us at

Sources of Unclaimed Funds:
Over paid medical accounts      Bank accounts      Local governments      State governments      Pensions plans      IRS refunds
HUD accounts      Abandon 401K accounts      Bank Certificate of Disposits      Stock certififcates     Stock dividends     Heirs, etc.